5 Desserts by Yann Couvreur

Yann Couvreur Teaches Elite Parisian Pastries at PastryClass

Yann Couvreur teaches you how to make the best-selling desserts from his world-famous Parisian pastry boutique chain. Learn to make Tarts, Cakes, Eclairs, and the famous a-la-minute Mille Feuille that you can eat with a spoon! More info

What makes this class extra special? Well... 

Paris-Brest Eclairs

Yann takes you through his new recipe and techniques for creating very special eclairs. Learn how to cook, boil, dry, mix, pipe, and bake the pâte à choux dough.

Pastry Chef Yann Couvreur Online Class

Vanilla Mille Feuille

Learn to make the Kouign Amann dough by following the steps to incorporate butter, laminate by hand, and make 4 dough folds with butter and sugar.

Pastry Chef Yann Couvreur Online Class

Mont Blanc

This recipe is Yann's Mother's favorite dessert. Learn how to enhance the plain flavor of the chestnuts and make Chestnut Cream at home or in a pastry shop.

Pastry Chef Yann Couvreur Online Class


Discover the steps to avoid bouncy textures in the mousse, how to combine dairy with chocolate, tracking of the temperatures, creating even lighter textures, and how to prevent the cake collapsing. 

Pastry Chef Yann Couvreur Online Class


Isatis Tart

Learn to shape tarts from the hands of master Yann Couvreur and learn how to prolong the life of tart freshness, shape, and crispiness.

Pastry Chef Yann Couvreur Online Class

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