5 Desserts by Frank Haasnoot

Frank Haasnoot Teaches Turning Ideas into Pastry at PastryClass

A pastry design trendsetter, Frank Haasnoot, shares his steps to creation for the very first time. Learn how to boost your creativity, find your pastry identity, and taste the World Pastry Champion’s latest delights, all made without using a freezer, moulds or food colours - his new vision that has already become a trend. More info

What makes this class extra special? Well...


Learn Frank's unique technique to preserve the fresh flavours of a recipe's ingredients.

pastry chef Frank Haasnoot online class


Explore unique twist on the traditional baked apple tart and learn how to keep the color of your fruits vibrant.

pastry chef Frank Haasnoot online class


Frank shows the foundations of assembly, including assembling without molds, also keeping it suitable for production in the fridge.

pastry chef Frank Haasnoot online class


Discover a new way to layer cakes and talk about the concept of decoration styles.

pastry chef Frank Haasnoot online class


Roll the chocolate, shape the petals, build the rose, and fall in love.

pastry chef Frank Haasnoot online class

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