Joakim Prat Teaches 3-Michelin Pastry

Pastry Chef Joakim Prat is a record breaker! At 30, he is the youngest Pastry Chef to have worked in so many Michelin-starred restaurants that, combined, they add up to a 9-Michelin star experience. Luckily for us, he wants to make baking accessible to everyone, so he teaches recipes in the most simple way making sure that you can learn a lot. Get ready to learn how to plate dessert, create a-la-minute creations, ice creams, souffles, caramels, tarts, fruits, and the star of the show - the Blown Sugar Sphere. Add a Michelin twist to your pastries, and increase your star rating!

Lesson 1: Meet Joakim Prat

Meet your new instructor: Head Pastry Chef Joakim Prat. Joakim lets us know in the first lesson that this class is accessible to everyone. Whether you are a professional or a home baker, this class will teach you the “A la minute” serving style, and how to make the freshest dessert you can ever create.

Lesson 2: Caramel Ice Cream

The first step in the SUGAR SPHERE recipe is caramel ice cream. Get ready for caramel like you've never experienced before! Joakim teaches you how to find balance in your ice cream and ensure it's not too sweet. The secret to creamy caramel is the right amount of dry ingredients, but he doesn't want to add too much sugar, so he comes up with the perfect alternative for flawless caramel.

Lesson 3: Caramel Sauce

Joakim believes that sweetness in pastries should never make you jump! Learn how to reduce the sweet sensation in any caramel recipe, and talk about the maturation process and ingredient combinations.

Lesson 4: Green Coffee Chantilly 

In this lesson, Joakim unfolds a classic with a Chantilly recipe. Using his Michelin experience, he teaches a modern, simple way of adding unique flavors to it.

Lesson 5: Apple Pearls

Every fruit has a story, and this fruit's story will be revealed in this exceptional plating dessert. Learn how to preserve the colors of the fruits, create fresh apple pearls, and develop your timing techniques. 

Lesson 6: Blown Sugar Sphere

To appreciate Michelin pastry, you must have this one skill handy; learn how to create a perfectly clear and transparent sugar sphere that lasts.

Lesson 7: SUGAR SPHERE: Poppy Seed Crumble

Taste Joakim's favorite plating dessert. Imagine this, Joakim breaks the SUGAR SPHERE with the touch of a spoon. A world of recipes smashes right before you: explore the crunchiness of Sphere, the freshness of Apple Pears, the sweetness from the Caramel, the body from Poppy Seed Crumble, and the Green Coffee Chantilly that binds everything together. 

Lesson 8: Vanilla Tonka Ice Cream

Joakim starts his new CHOCOLATE COULANT recipe with an ice cream recipe and shares his professional tips on choosing certain ingredient brands over others, proper ice cream storage, and shelf life. Learn about the unique Tonka spice, including what recipes you can apply it to and in what proportions.

Lesson 9: Coulant Liquid Insert

We have a lot to learn from anyone working in a Michelin-starred restaurant, so in this class you can learn to gracefully create a chocolate insert for the TONKA COULANT recipe with ease and simplicity. Joakim also shares one of the unique Michelin education concepts he has learned.

Lesson 10: Coulant Dough 

First things first, Joakim explains the difference between Fondant and Coulant. Learn an interesting approach for preparing last-minute desserts in advance and making sure they can still be served on the spot as a plating dessert. Chef Prat shows us preparation, timing, storage, organization, and serving techniques.


Live through the magical experience of chocolate tempering with Joakim, followed by the long-awaited moment of finishing and tasting the CHOCOLATE TONKA COULANT. An impressive combination of hot coulant with cold ice cream takes you on a crazy rollercoaster of taste!

Lesson 12: Exotic Sorbet

Explore a new take on plating desserts with this COCONUT PASSION FRUIT creation. Start with an exotic sorbet and discover how to keep fruits fresh in the recipe, as if you'd just picked them. Did you know there is a right temperature to eat a sorbet? It's time to get your temperatures straight!

Lesson 13: Avocado Cream

Joakim explains how to use avocado as an ingredient; to refine it and preserve its color for plating desserts. A true Michelin experience!

Lesson 14: Ginger Yogurt Mousse

What is so special about this class? 9-Michelin-experienced Chef Joakim knows you might be a home baker or a professional, so he shows you the way for both smaller portions for home and larger portions for production. 

Lesson 15: COCONUT PASSION FRUIT: Coconut Meringue

Joakim has delivered you (and us) with a true masterpiece when he assembles this COULANT PASSION FRUIT. Imagine crispy Coconut Meringue, exotic sour Sorbet, with a kick of a Ginger Yogurt Mousse, and soft Avocado Cream. It's time to experience new textures on a Michelin star level with this perfectly balanced Summer recipe!

Joakim Prat Teaches 3-Michelin Pastry Online Masterclass at PastryClass

Lesson 16: Pâte Sucrée

Joakim takes you on a journey of the perfect Pâte Sucrée Dough for a RASPBERRY TARTE dessert. Watch carefully while he rolls, cuts, and shapes. Learn how to avoid losing the elasticity of the dough and take tips on working with various tart rings.

Lesson 17: Raspberry Compote

Learn how to infuse your compote with an extra raspberry texture, — Joakim insists his compote is rich with raspberry — talk about different gelling agents and get closer to a RASPBERRY TARTE fresh finish. 

Lesson 18: Raspberry Coulis

Joakim talks about restaurant servings, how last-minute preparations work and how unique the concept is. Learn the difference between working in a pastry shop and a restaurant and how you can bring out the freshness in your desserts.

Lesson 19: Vanilla Cream

Joakim shows us his version of a delicate Vanilla Cream in a way that couldn't be more simple or informative. Learn about gelatins, starches, various proportions, and most importantly, storage guidelines.

Lesson 20: Ladyfingers

You've heard right! We're gonna see Joakim piping! Embrace the simplicity of the steps for this Ladyfingers recipe.

Joakim Prat Teaches 3-Michelin Pastry Online Masterclass at PastryClass


Get ready to turn it up a notch and learn the unique upside-down concept of RASPBERRY TARTE! Feel it with all your senses when Joakim says it's summery, fresh, sweet, and light. He has served a crazy amount of tart variations in his Michelin restaurants, but this tart can also fit right into a pastry shop menu! 

Lesson 22: Passion Fruit Sorbet

Learn many sorbet recipes in this class, knowing that each one brings you a step closer to Michelin excellence. Joakim shows you how to make a delicious sorbet that keeps the flavors and colors of the fresh fruit (and can be easily replicated at home!).

Lesson 23: Soufflé

Tune into your senses and learn Joakim's souffle technique. Cooking! Blending! Molding! Piping! Baking! It's all worth it to master the most delicate and high skilled dessert.


"This is really nice!" says Joakim during the tasting. But we disagree. It's an artistic, delicate, creative, and tasty plating dessert full of texture. The combination of the cold and creamy Passion Fruit Sorbet with hot and airy Souffle is a true Michelin experience that everyone can now have at home! 

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Enroll today on PastryClass and learn how to plate dessert, create a-la-minute creations, ice creams, souffles, caramels, tarts, fruits, and the star of the show - the Blown Sugar Sphere. Add a Michelin twist to your pastries, and increase your star rating with Joakim Prat!

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