Toni Ridríguez Teaches Modern Vegan Pastry

Toni Rodríguez started the vegan pastry revolution, achieving everything from creating the first vegan macaron to founding the first vegan bakery in Europe. Toni takes us back to 2010 when he perfected the vegan macaron recipe (after 800 tests and 2 years of research!). He teaches this class in a way you've never experienced before; you'll learn about Vegan Butter, Vegan Eggs, ingredients, theory, and basics. Learn Macaron, Brioche, Croissant, French Entremet, Tart, Cinnamon Rolls. You don't need to be vegan to take this class; Toni's love and passion for pastry is for everyone.

Lesson 1: Meet the Father Of Vegan Pastry

Toni Rodríguez opens up about his journey to pastry 15 years ago. Back then, there was no Vegan pastry, and carrot cake didn't exist — carrots were only used in salads!

He took a risk by quitting his desk job and following his passion for pastry. He struggled his way to success by washing dishes and eventually creating the industry we all know today.

Lesson 2: Creating The First Vegan Macaron

Vegan macaron didn't exist back then. After 2 years and 800 tests, Toni finally achieved the perfect shell and filling. Once he mastered his creation, many of his idols started producing his recipe, like Pierre Herme, Laduree and others. His success was well deserved! 

In this lesson, you'll learn about the creation process, the discovery of potato protein and how Toni integrated ingredients that have never been used in pastry before.

Lesson 3: Developing Vegan Recipes

Get an inside look into Toni's story to see how he progressed from the person mixing the ingredients to a chef that understands the science behind pastry and how each ingredient works.

Lesson 4: Ingredients

Your vegan story starts with an understanding of the ingredients. All of the ingredients, not just the vegan ones! Toni breaks down a list of non-vegan ingredients that may surprise you — wine, beer, and honey for one. The list is long, but the vegan list is even longer, and that's the advantage. You have so much more possibilities when you think vegan.

Lesson 5: Pectins, Proteins, and Gums

Thickening, emulsifying, and whipping means mousses, creams and glazes - all of which can be done in Vegan pastry. Toni discovered potato protein in 2009, and now it's a benchmark of the Vegan industry.

Lesson 6: Vegan Butter and Eggs

Toni teaches you the base recipes for any vegan dessert, including a gluten-free mix, neutral glaze, vegan butter, and, of course, vegan eggs. Learn about the difference between vegan egg whites for whipping and cooking, the "cold" and "hot" methods.

Lesson 7: Strawberry Sponge GF

This sponge is made by simply blending it! That's something we haven't seen before! Toni teaches us how baking temperatures should differ depending on the size of the sponge you're making. Now, whether you're baking a small or a big cake, you know what to do. Time to bake!

Lesson 8: Sable GF

"It's possible to make gluten-free sable sandy, tasty, dairy-free, and egg-free," Toni says, and then his words become a reality. Learn to work with ingredient proportions to make your sable more or less crunchy.

Lesson 9: Strawberry Cremeux

This lesson teaches you about the different kinds of coconut oil, how to avoid losing the acidic flavors in creams, and how to work with thicker purees of higher fiber content.


Toni demonstrates how you can create soft textures when cooking with agar. Strawberry marmalade is so easy to make that he even refers to it as "Fast Marmalade." This recipe allows you to choose your favorite berries or fruit and make it your own.

Lesson 11: Coconut Mousse

Learn how to create a light, aerated meringue without the eggy taste — cause there are no eggs! With nothing to dilute the coconut flavour, the coconut has a chance to shine. Enjoy the unexpected taste of this pure, tropical pleasure! 

Toni Rodríguez Teaches Modern Vegan Pastry Online Masterclass at PastryClass

Lesson 12: Strawberry Velvet and Glaze

Taste the freshness of the strawberry and lime, the creamy coconut, and the light mousse. Follow Toni's step-by-step instructions as he finishes this modern cake STRAWBERRY, LIME, AND COCONUT ENTREMET with Gluten Free Sponge and Sable, Strawberry Cremeux, and Marmalade, Coconut Mousse, Strawberry Velvet, Neutral Glaze, and Strawberry Chocolate Decoration.


We're starting this tart recipe with another kind of Sable that Toni has prepared to teach you. However, it's not gluten-free this time! Learn how to adjust your ingredient proportions to make your sable with or without gluten. You are the boss now!

Lesson 14: Almond Pecan Cream

Toni teaches you how to make your own pecan flour and transform your creation into the cream for PECAN-YUZU TART.

Lesson 15: Pecan Whipped Ganache

The pecan flavor is everywhere in this ganache! In this lesson, learn how to work with vegan chocolate, discover the correct temperatures for whipping the ganache and create the perfect vegan emulsion.

Lesson 16: Caramelized Pecans

For Toni, it’s not enough to just make caramelized pecans. He wants to make them extra special, and in this class, he shares his tips for how! Take notes on these storage tips — depending on your climate conditions — cause PastryClass students are gathered from across the world.

Lesson 17: Yuzu Glaze

Yuzu glaze is the perfect finishing for this PECAN-YUZU TART. Taste the pecan madness in this fresh, naturally flavored tart! It's crunchy and acidic, with a taste of vanilla and almond, but most importantly - it's light!

Lesson 18: Raspberry Macaron

Learn how to create a vegan macaron with Toni's very own invention: vegan egg whites. As you mix your dough, Toni will take you through the texture changes, so you can learn how to master your dough texture to create thicker or thinner macaron shells. Get expert tips from Toni about drying the shells, even in humid countries. He is an expert, after all!

Toni Rodríguez Teaches Modern Vegan Pastry Online Masterclass at PastryClass

Lesson 19: Macaron Ganache

Toni says that people say you can't create anything special with chocolate and raspberry because it's so common. But, he doesn't want to create something special. He wants to create something that everybody loves!


Raspberry Macaron Shells, Creamy Chocolate Ganache, and Salty Chocolate Crunch. It took Toni 800 experiments and 2 years in 2010 to create the first-ever vegan macaron, and now he's sharing it with you. It was worth every moment of tasting!

Lesson 21: Brioche

Vegan Butter has its moment in this lesson as you learn how to incorporate it into Brioche. Then, you can use the knowledge Toni gives you to play with your brioche flavors; the variations are limitless! Toni might even share some of his ideas with you.

Toni Rodríguez Teaches Modern Vegan Pastry Online Masterclass at PastryClass

Lesson 22: Cocoa Cookie And Nutella Cream

Toni says, "If you make this recipe and someone says they don't like it —don't trust this person." Well, we trust Toni and, more importantly, our own tastebuds. In this lesson, you'll learn how to temper your cream on the table; not only is this a fun technique, but it also preserves the texture, prevents it from splitting, and creates a creamy and silky cream. 


This brioche recipe is life-changing. Roll the Brioche, chop the Chocolate, spread the hand-made Nutella Cream, shape the Babka, sprinkle the Cocoa Cookie, and brush with Glaze. Finally, enjoy the explosion of taste; warm hazelnut and orange brioche with a crunchy cookie on top. Your life will never be the same!

Lesson 24: CROISSANT

Toni teaches us every step to making a Vegan Croissant dough; the lamination, the folds, and the shaping. He helps us learn how to bake with our senses, helping us gauge the dough by touch and feel!

Toni Rodríguez Teaches Modern Vegan Pastry Online Masterclass at PastryClass

Lesson 25: Almond Crumble

This crumble recipe with brown sugar is perfect for WALNUT-CINNAMON ROLLS. Learn how to use it in various ways, by baking it separately or with the rolls. Throughout this class, Toni gives you options so you can add your own touch.

Lesson 26: Cinnamon-Walnut Cream

There’s a secret ingredient to this cream, Toni is very creative! Learn how to make a spread for the Cinnamon Rolls and elevate your dough rolling skills.


Toni believes croissant dough must be crunchy. But what if you are in a humid country? No problem! He shows you 2 tricks that will take your baking skills to the next level, regardless of any humidity! This is what Toni is all about: sharing his recipes with generosity, knowledge, and talent and making sure they are suitable for everyone.

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