Frank Haasnoot Teaches Turning Ideas into Pastry

A pastry design trendsetter, Frank Haasnoot, shares his steps for creation for the very first time. 

Learn how to boost your creativity, find your pastry identity, and taste the World Pastry Champion’s latest delights, all made without using a freezer, moulds or food colours - his new vision that has already become a trend. 

Lesson 1: Meet Your Instructor

Meet Pastry Chef Frank Haasnoot and explore his deep connection with pastry. He’s spent the last 27 years developing and working on his pastry style and setting trends for the pastry community. All while winning global competitions like the World Chocolate Masters in Paris and evolving his passion so he can travel and work around the globe. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kuwait, Barcelona, New York, Tokyo, Mexico — you name it, he’s been there!

Lesson 2: Steps to Creative Process

Frank breaks down his process for developing pastry designs, shares his work from the past 15 years and explains what impacted his shift in styles. He discusses the importance of challenging yourself and why every baker should reflect on their work. You’ll learn how to recognize a trend and look not into the past but the future of pastry.

Lesson 3: SEREH: Lemon Crumble

Sink into Franks’ signature — and one of his most popular — flavor combinations: lemongrass, mango and passion fruit. Build on your recipe skills while transforming the dough recipe into a crumble. 

Same ingredients, two very different results!

Lesson 4: SEREH: Lemongrass Sponge

Pastry Chef Frank talks about low sugar sponges and teaches you how to match the density of flavors and textures to get a lighter and softer feel while maintaining stability and a spongy texture.

Lesson 5: SEREH: Whip Ganache & Compote

Building cakes without a freezer? No problem. Frank takes you on a journey to explore the ingredients and techniques that allow you to adjust your recipes from freezer-safe to fridge-safe. Learn about “Family flavors”, safety guidelines, and productive workflow.

Frank Haasnoot Sereh Dessert on PastryClass

Lesson 6: SEREH: Mango Mousse

Learn how to make the best of small-batch recipes in this class. Explore Frank’s vision by creating variations of the whipping cream stages to match the light textures of fruity or acidic mousses.

Lesson 7: SEREH: Assembly

Chef Frank shows the foundations of assembly, including assembling without molds, placing a mousse cake inside pastry rings without acetate and keeping it suitable for production in the fridge. Finally, you will learn how to achieve the right firmness for your whipped ganache, so it's ideal for piping.

Lesson 8: SEREH: Decoration Confit

Take a journey of self-discovery that will help you find your pastry style; you'll ask yourself questions like what inspires you and what sparks your creativity. Frank will share his experience, tips and stories from his creative moments and how his creativity has evolved.

Frank Haasnoot Sereh Dessert on PastryClass

Lesson 9: TART: Choco Pâte Sablé

Tarts are Frank’s “cup of tea” — the crispiness and the soothing combination with creams creates a simply mouth-watering experience! What should you expect from the best tart dough? Frank will answer this question and demonstrate it right away. Sneak peek: it should hold the shape and be elastic and neat.

Lesson 10: TART: Dark Chocolate Sponge

Learn how to make a dark chocolate sponge that can serve as a base for many of your future creations.

Lesson 11: TART: Marmalade & Jelly

Stroll the path of flavor combinations with Frank. He will teach you how to recognize the similarity of flavor combinations for your pastry, using the fruity, tangy and bitter flavors in this recipe as an example.

Lesson 12: TART: Earl Gray Caramel

Learn Frank’s tips for achieving the caramels’ dark golden brown color and its cooking specifics.

Lesson 13: TART: WFC Mousse

Whole Fruit Chocolate is a new trend and a new approach to pastry. Frank continues to break the boundaries by sharing this mousse recipe made without gelatin. Discover a new way to layer cakes and talk about the concept of the complete opposite decoration styles, e.g., neat and chaotic at the same time.

Lesson 14: APPLE: Pâte Sablé

Introducing Frank’s unique twist on the traditional baked apple tart—no baking required… Intrigued? Discover how in this class, starting with his favorite Pâte Sablé recipe, used for lining the tarts and creating a beautiful structure.

Lesson 15: APPLE: Frangipane

Easy to make, easy to store; a classic Almond Cream recipe with Frank’s special touch.

Lesson 16: APPLE: Apple Rolls

Always a hit! Not only are Apple Rolls unique, fresh and tasty, but they are also easy to make. Frank shares his suggestions on the many ways you can make them your own.

Lesson 17: APPLE: Apple Yogurt Mousse

Apple Yogurt Mousse is a hidden gem in pastry that Frank generously shares with you in this class. Using this recipe as an example, you’ll learn how to keep the color of your fruit vibrant throughout your cooking.

Frank Haasnoot Apple Dessert on PastryClass

Lesson 18: CLOUD: Cocoa Meringue 

Learn the beine marie method for meringue and dig into the fine texture methods that can be applied to both meringues and sponges. 

Lesson 19: CLOUD: Chocolate Sponge

Frank shows his unique variation of the Zacher sponge. A recipe he loves to use as a base for most of his sponge recipes.

He also shares that many pastry shops take the wrong approach to whipping the meringue, resulting in difficulty incorporating the dry components and loss of final texture, something you won’t have to worry about if you follow his steps.

Lesson 20: CLOUD: Chocolate Crémeux

Ah, Cream Anglaise - a classic recipe there is yet so much to learn about. Frank will teach how to cook the cream without using a thermometer but by assessing it with your eyes. 

As he says: “You don’t need something complicated to make it tasty! Only 5 simple ingredients, and it’s a hit!”

Lesson 21: CLOUD: Vanilla Chantilly

Learn Frank's unique technique to preserve the fresh flavours of a recipe's ingredients. This method allows you to save time and, as a result, gives you more time to enjoy your creative self!

Lesson 22: CLOUD: Chocolate Decorations

How important is the quantity of chocolate for tempering? Very! Find out why in this class. 

Chef Frank demystifies tempered chocolate and showcases his favorite design — tempering on marble!

Lesson 23: CLOUD: Assembly

Chef Frank is pulling back the curtain in this class by sharing so many of his concepts:

  • Balancing textures
  • Finding a replacement for piping tips
  • Mono flavour concept
  • Representation of the decoration and the flavours and own concept of “making a family”

Frank Haasnoot Rose Decoration on PastryClass

Lesson 24: ROSE: Creating the Decoration

Frank discovered this chocolate recipe over 20 years ago in New York, and since then, he hasn’t found a better variation.

He will reveal the one special ingredient that makes the magic happen. 

Roll the chocolate, shape the petals, build the rose, and fall in love. Repeat.

Lesson 25: ROSE: Coloring the Rose

Your final lesson will leave you breathless. Inspire, Learn and Create with Frank today!

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Enroll today on PastryClass and learn how to boost your creativity, find your pastry identity, and taste the World Pastry Champion’s latest delights, all made without using a freezer, moulds or food colours - his new vision that has already become a trend.

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