Ramon Morató Teaches Bonbons

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Skills that take you to a whole other level.

Ramon Morató teaches you how to make casted, naked, and enrobed chocolates with liquid, ganache, creamy, and vegan fillings. You'll learn how to formulate your own ganache with the molecular approach.

BAILEYS "TRIFÁSICO": Coffee Crumble, Whiskey Cream Liqueur Ganache

OLD FASHIONED LIQUOR BOMBON: Liquid Bourbon Whiskey and Bitter Angostura™ Filling, Orange and Angostura® Bitters Ganache


WHITE CHOCOLATE AND PASSION FRUIT GANACHE-OLIVE OIL-BASIL: Arbequina Olive Oil and Basil Interior, Zephyr White Chocolate and Passion Fruit Ganache

PEANUT-SALTED CARAMEL-RED MISO: Peanut Praliné Base 60%, Salted Caramel, Crunchy Peanut Praliné, Black Chocolate Paint

ALTO EL SOL 65% GANACHE VEGAN: Alto El Sol 65% Ganache Vegan, Dark Chocolate Paint

MATCHA GREEN TEA, MINT AND YOGURT PILL: Green Tea Matcha-Mint-Yogurt Filling, Matcha Tea and White Chocolate Paint




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We’re incredibly lucky to feature some of the top professional chefs who`re making waves in the pastry industry. Our classes are full of complex information and techniques, which is a great way to challenge yourself and gain new skills to achieve outstanding results.

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In your first lesson, Ramon shares his story and tells us how learning and teaching became the driving force in his life. This class is packed with new techniques to help you wow your customers and expand your chocolate and bonbon knowledge.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the quality of your product could be better? Bacteria can be found in bonbons when the ganache isn't made properly, so in this class, you'll learn how to make bonbons properly—no bacteria included—and discover the three 'friends' of pastry.

Learn about each ingredient and its role in this recipe. Which ingredients bring taste or texture? Which ones help you to create emulsions? Which ones provide you with the stability for the recipe? Ramon teaches you about fibers, sugars, and proteins and boosts your knowledge of ingredient contamination so your bonbons are safe and healthy to consume.

Learn about the pillars of safety and how to increase the shelf life of your chocolates. Then, continue to unfold more information about different water and oil-based fillings. Forget about what you knew before—Ramon's theory turns your world upside down—you'll leave this lesson a 'new you.'

Ramon is in full-on teaching mode; the marker is in his hand, the whiteboard is ready, and he's bursting with knowledge! In this class, you'll turn your recipes from grams to percentages, learn to calculate, formulate your own ganache, and then discuss two different methods of ganache preparation: Hot vs. Cold. Which is the right one? Why? You'll find out.

In this first practical lesson, Ramon demonstrates how to prepare, spray, store, and handle your molds.

Thin shells of chocolate will influence your creations' taste, delicacy, stability, and professionalism. Everyone dreams of those thin bonbon shells, but few can achieve them. And now, you can too.

Turn a classic crumble into a unique crumble. Ramon explains why he uses various coffee products and how each affects the crumble's texture, flavor, and intensity. Plus, his hand-panning technique will open a new world of crumble-making methods for you.

In this lesson, Ramon teaches you the secret to a perfect emulsion, including the different types of fat you should use to achieve a silky emulsion instead of a grainy feel - no one wants that! 

Trifasico means 3 phases: milk, coffee, and Baileys. In our case, there are also 3 phases of success: theory, practice, and inspiration.

Turn soya into other flavors like coffee, wine, and fruit, and learn how to track the water concentration of your reduction to achieve a longer shelf life. How do you make the reduction pipable? Or place it inside the bonbon? Find out in this lesson.

Ramon teaches you how to substitute the fat components of the cream with other ingredients. Learn to work with low-pH fillings and create high-quality bonbons with a longer shelf life.

One of the most common ways to introduce basil into your recipe is by using its powder, but there's nothing common about this class! Ramon takes a different direction and teaches you a whole new approach, and then he surprises you with another new tempering technique that doesn't require tempering at all! Intrigued? We sure are!

A pure masterpiece with varieties of sugars and fats, all in one ganache! Learn to consistently achieve the same result, even if your cooking style isn't precise, and how to pre-crystallize fillings with different types of chocolate: white, milk, and dark.

Discover a blast of skills from Ramon in this lesson, including making two variations of praline and different ways to caramelize nuts. Learn about nuts, their composition, and their role in the recipe from a molecular perspective.

By now, your emulsion is perfect. Now, learn how to make your caramel rich in protein! Then, learn how to caramelize the sugar and personalize your caramel with different flavors. Is caramel the enemy of your bonbons' shelf life? Find out in this lesson.

Imagine a filling without ANY water component. Imagine the storage possibilities for your bonbons! Weeks? Months? You don't need to imagine anymore. Learn to make it yourself in this lesson with Ramon.

Old Fashioned Liquid Bonbon is the star of this class, full of surprises, techniques, and tasty visuals! Transform traditional techniques into modern approaches with Ramon, and it's a perfect "time to go finishing." Discover what that means in this lesson!

Learn to hide a liquid filling inside your bonbons. That's it!

Take your bonbon on a bathing journey: dipping, coating, vibrating, aligning, decorating, and repeat. Learn how to maintain your chocolate temperature when working by hand, just like Ramon.

It's not just about learning how to make vegan ganache, it's about turning a classic ganache into vegan - a whole other level. You'll start by analyzing the elements from cream and water, proteins and fats, then replacing each with a vegan version. The cooking process will be different, too, so Ramon will show you how to switch that up. At the end of the lesson, you'll have such a creamy ganache you won't believe it's vegan!

This class is full of different types of bonbons, like Casted (in shell), Enrobed (dipped), and Naked (no cover). Only the best for you! Ramon teaches you how to prepare and cut your ganache and ensure the ganache for your naked bonbons is the right consistency for cutting.

So much to learn! In this class, you'll work with a chocolate stamping technique and dig into the theoretical side of working with chocolate.

This is a very special bonbon. Imagine, the whole bonbon is a filling! Make this bonbon in a natural green color by introducing matcha, homemade peppermint powder, yogurt, popping candy, and one extra secret ingredient to bring out the freshness. Learn when to pre-crystalize your filling "like a chocolate" or "like a praline."

Chef's lesson on chocolate tempering stands out because, this time, it's not only a chocolate pre-crystallization demonstration. He also shares the science behind the tempering chocolate process.

Why are your bonbons losing their shine and gloss? Why can't all the bonbons come out of the mold at once? This lesson will resolve all the mistakes you can make with bonbons before you make them, so you can have that viral content ready for loads of likes.

With Ramon as your instructor, everything is possible. Make your dark chocolate pitch black without using food coloring.

Learn to create neutral colorings and decorate your bonbons like a pro. Ramon teaches you how to stamp over the cocoa butter with the second stamping technique of this class—the variations are limitless.

Did you know you can't pack bonbons with different flavors together? What is the difference between the shelf life of a bonbon in a 20C room and a 14-16C room? You'll chat about this and much more in this class to understand a safe storage process.

Your final presentation is all about inspiration, stories, creativity, and, finally, textures and experiences. You've created so many products in just one class: casted, enrobed, and naked bonbons with liquid, ganache, creamy, and vegan fillings. You've learned about molecular approach, formulations, safety, storage, and quality. Now, it's time for "180mg of happiness!"