Mankoo Sisters Teach Vintage Cakes

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Skills that take you to a whole other level.

World-class cake designer Roxy and her sister Corinne teach you how to make bespoke vintage cakes and share tips that helped their viral startup, April’s Baker, to succeed.


LEMON EARL GREY SPONGE: Lemon Sponge, Earl Grey Syrup.

BUTTERCREAM: American Buttercream (cake assembly cream) and Swiss Meringue Buttercream (cake decorating cream).

CAKE SHAPES: Round cake, Heart cake, Square cake.

CAKE TIERS: One tier, two tier, three tier cakes.


- Beginner: frills, small and large shells, border flourish, pearl drops.

- Advanced: double layer strings, swirling inverted shells, small leaves, garland swags above frills, shell single and double border, fleur de lis,  straight frills, small blossoms.

- Pro: bows, hearts, rosettes, strings layered on swags, corner embellishments.

COLORING: Red, Dusky Blue, Spruce Green, White, Pastel Pistachio Green and Pink, Soft Pink, Pale Peach, Ombre Pink with Barbie Pinks.



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Roxy and Corinne share the story of their pastry journey to inspire you to set out on your own. Learn both the creative and business sides of their brand and get inspired by how quickly you can turn your artistic skills into success.

Create the ideal kitchen set-up with Roxy Mankoo. She shows you her preferred tools and the range of substitutes you can use from your own kitchen — from affordable to more advanced options.

Follow along with Roxy to make a delicious and versatile sponge recipe. Learn various ways to flavor, soak, change proportions and make it your own.

Learn to make the perfect cream for filling and stacking cakes and tiers. Roxy will take you through different whipping stages, guide you through temperature control, and help you find the right texture. 

The question we hear most at April's Baker is, "What buttercream do you use? It's so smooth and perfect!" For the very first time, Roxy will finally share her recipe, giving you the exact ratios you need to make different flavors, and tips to avoid bubbles so you can get the smoothest buttercream.

Roxy guides you through the fundamental nuances of the coloring process with this vibrant red cake. Learn what colors to use, how to achieve maximum brightness, and when to add color to your buttercream. You'll also get recommendations for some natural alternatives for coloring your cakes.

This lesson is about your cake's most critical and creative elements: decorating, icing and piping. Follow along with Roxy as she shares how to create cake edges, a smooth top and sides, and dip your toe in your first piping lesson. Don't stress if this feels difficult at first; perfection can be learned!

In this class, you will not only learn how to ice ROUND cakes but also how to ice SQUARE, HEART, and TIERED cakes. Expect tips suitable for everyone from entry-level to professional level — all for your own growth and development.  

This Dusky Vintage Blue cake by Roxy screams elegance! Learn to create different shades of one color and unique vintage tones, add more piping styles to your skill set, and cut heart-shaped cakes into the grid. Ohh, Roxy is such a heartbreaker! 

Learn to work with different shades and piping tips without changing your piping bags. Pastel Pistachio Green, Dusky Vintage Blue, Yellow Apricot, Pale Peach, White, and Barbie Pinks, are just some of the colors you'll learn to make in this class.  

Roxy demonstrates how icing square cakes is different from round cakes and teaches you a whole new set of icing skills to practice, including how to avoid creating dome shapes on the top of the cake and how to keep your icing perfectly straight and smooth.

Roxy introduces us to so many new piping styles in this class we've lost count! You'll learn styles ranging from entry-level to more advanced, including frills, shells, border flourish, pearl drops, double-layer strings, swirling inverted shells, small leaves, fleur de lis, and blossoms — and that's just the beginning of class! There are so many styles we can't even be sure you'll be able to use them all in your lifetime!

Learn to turn one color into an ombre selection with an Ombre Pink Effect for a Retro Three-Tier Cake. Learn to break down Barbie Pink into Soft Pink in 4 tone steps, and do the same with any color of your choice.

Roxy shows you how to stack cake tiers using two-tiered and three-tiered cakes. Learn how to apply buttercream to stacked cakes, how to store them between stages, and get essential tips on cake boards and turntables.

In this lesson, you'll learn an essential step for making tiered cakes; adding a support system to help them hold their weight and avoid collapsing. Get tips for larger cakes and various support systems, with a choice of sponge recipes for tiered cakes.

You may think you've learned everything, but once you start this Three-Tier Cake, you'll realize you are only halfway through! Now it's time to get serious with this highly professional vintage cake: ombre shades, stacking, icing, doweling, and unique piping styles. New level, new skill, new breath, new you!

It's time to learn some really exclusive piping styles. You won't see these anywhere else because they're Roxy's signature creations! Add to your skill set with double-layer strings, bows, shell hearts, rosettes, string layered on swags, corner embellishments, and more.

Roxy explains the aftercare for cakes throughout this class: storing, transporting, serving temperature, and slicing grid.

It's time for Corinne Mankoo, the business brain behind April's Baker, to take the stage. She shares how to start your pastry business, tips on pricing, social media, photos, and videos, along with a system for taking orders and turning them into cake.

Roxy talks about building Instagram influence with tips on visuals, posting, and engagement.

Voila! You did it! It's time to celebrate your artistry! The next time you’re baking utilize all the techniques learned in this class, and make it your own. We can’t wait to see you succeed with cakes that represent your style and come from your own creativity!