Ksenia Penkina Teaches Glazing

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PastryClass founder Ksenia Penkina has taught the art of glazing to over 45,000 students worldwide. Now, she guides you in transforming your personal struggles into pastry success. The Glazing Queen herself teaches you extensive theory, science, and every aspect of creating the perfect mousse cake. You’ll have uncensored access to her world of deeply private issues, transformation, and business. From overcoming cancer to becoming a TV star at 17 years old, living with disability, challenging...

Gain access not only to this newly filmed PastryClass but also to Ksenia's private collection of Revolutionary Master Course and Beginner Classes. Whether you're a complete beginner or a professional chef, this class is tailored for you!



PastryClass is an immersive online experience that gives everyone an opportunity to learn from the world’s best pastry instructors.

Each PastryClass includes:

• An average of 25 pre-recorded video lessons, each roughly 10-15 minutes long, for an easy and efficient learning process.

• A PDF workbook from your instructor featuring class recipes with step-by-step instructions, a list of tools and ingredients with pictures and specifications, and additional bonus recipes/materials that have been generously gifted by every instructor to boost your study process.

• Access to PastryClassAI support tool created to enhance your learning experience, providing unlimited pastry assistance instantly!


You have two enrollment options to choose from:

• STANDARD enrollment gets you 1-year access to one class.

• PREMIUM enrollment gets you 2-year access to one class, and a certificate of completion.


Our pastry classes are designed for all pastry skill levels, whether you’re an experienced home baker, pastry blogger, influencer, pastry chef, instructor, or a creative professional, you can explore the knowledge and joy of pastry on our platform.

We’re incredibly lucky to feature some of the top professional chefs who`re making waves in the pastry industry. Our classes are full of complex information and techniques, which is a great way to challenge yourself and gain new skills to achieve outstanding results.

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Every reason to turn your pastry into success.

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This class is one-of-a-kind in the pastry industry and suits both absolute beginners and professional chefs. How? It combines several courses in one: 35 newly filmed PastryClass lessons, 9 Revolutionary Master Course lessons and 3 Beginner Classes from Ksenia's private collection, covering hundreds of recipes and hours of teaching material.

Ksenia shares a deeply personal journey about overcoming cancer, having 9 surgeries and living with pain and disability daily. She talks about the concept of pain and the challenging moments in life that can make all your dreams come true. "Thank you for the pain that brings me happiness every day."

Ksenia talks about her life and career before pastry, from developing websites, designing swimsuits, nail art, working in hotels, changing her name, and being fired – she has experienced it all and came up with 3 success factors of a happy job, and those 3 factors led her to become a pastry chef.

Learn about Ksenia's immigration challenges, how she became trapped for 3 years in her difficult first job, experienced heartbreak, came up with the idea to become a pastry chef, made an annual income of $1 million, and finally created PastryClass. Discover how PastryClass came to life from the idea and purpose to building a team and how Ksenia believes it will change the pastry world and education industry.

Starting with basics that aren't basics at all. What is entremet, and why is this the only type of cake that works with a glaze? Learn about the cake's construction, measurements, structure and how they impact the tasting experience, stability and glaze. Most importantly, discover the one factor that brings 50% success to the cake.

If you think all the problems with your glaze happen because of the glaze, this class will be a real eye-opener for you! Ksenia explains her signature theory: "Great Glaze Doesn't Start With Glaze," explains everything that could go wrong with your glaze and discusses emulsions because when you understand emulsions, you understand pastry.

It's time to dig deep on the molecular side because how else can we understand what happens when we bake—especially when we make mistakes? From lectures on "Meringue Molecular Theory" to "Factors Of Stable Foam Formation," you’ll learn about protein connections, water, aeration bonds, natural stability and baking.

This class includes every possible technique with sponges, from whole egg whipping to separate whipping to only whites or only yolks. Conquer any sponge recipe by learning how to use oils, pastes and butter in sponges, working with dry components of the sponge, mixing techniques, aeration and gluten activation and finally, discovering the difference between working with sponges on trays and pastry rings.

Learn about the crunchy components in sponges, what they are, how you can make sure they don't get soggy inside your mousse, and how you can make them stay crunchy throughout the cake's shelf life. Discover what the fat components in the crunch are and what their role is. Get inspired by the different crunches you can get in your cakes!

Time to learn how to work with fruits and berries properly. Discuss various gelling agents, from cornstarch to pectin, as well as simple and complex agents. Discover what helps us reduce sugar in fruity inserts such as coulis, compote, or gel, how to select your fruits, get fresh flavors, make a higher profit, and achieve consistency in your pastry work.

Lesson 11: Gelatin Theory
50% of all cake issues are born from a lack of knowledge about gelatin and gelatin mass. It's that important! Understand how to avoid making gelly textures and focus on soft, silky, and light fruity layers that are stable at the same time.

Learn to work with coulis, confit, marmalade and, frankly, any other fruity insert textures in this class. Ksenia teaches the art of mastering reconstruction techniques to create soft and light (not gelly) fruity inserts that add a burst of flavor to your cakes. Additionally, Ksenia will introduce you to two signature cake assembly techniques that will elevate your cakes to the next level.

The lesson of a lifetime. Ksenia teaches techniques for any creamy insert—classical dairy, fruity or sour types. We bet you haven't seen so many temperature numbers crumbled on just one whiteboard! Once you master this theory, you will never be the same baker again!

Start this lesson by breaking misconceptions about curds, and then, hand-in-hand with Ksenia, watch how to make a silky expression of a cream. Get tips about whisks and spatulas, how to avoid the cream curdling, and learn to blend with theory in mind. It's not just cream, it's a pastry masterpiece.

In this lesson, you'll find the answers to any questions you have about the mousses, starting with the basics and getting gradually more complex, like 'What type of cream is suitable for whipping?' and 'How to avoid creating thicker whipped creams that give weaker hold to our mousses.' Ksenia outlines the structure of all mousses and bases, temperature controls for every component, and how to create proper balance using three techniques: aeration, emulsion and gelation.

One of the things that surprises almost every student is how Ksenia whips her cream for the mousse because the properly whipped cream is the only factor that holds the whole cake together. Take this class to see it for yourself! Learn how to create proper aeration in the cream without the thickness, work with both liquid and thick mousses and achieve cloud-like mousse.

Follow the importance and steps of prep work for every recipe. Learn about making gluten free sponges by replacing flours. Watch Ksenia as she demonstrates a stable foam formation process, creating a protein-sugar-water-air chain reaction suitable for baking. Talk about molecular connections made by flour and butter in the sponge, and find the right timing to mix the butter into your sponge to get the best texture.

This lesson is all about sourness! Discover how your sour creamy insert should be made and why, learn to work with the reverse technique so you reach the right texture in your cream and follow the fast cooling approach to avoid creating bacteria in your pastries.

Does your insert have pieces of fruit in it? Noted! New approach coming in this lesson. Learn to work with compote, coulis, confit, and, frankly, any other fruity insert textures in this class. Apply your gelling agents with knowledge of temperature and gelling qualities, apply the reconstruction approach and cook like a pro from now on.

There's so much we don't know about such a basic component–ganache. Ksenia and her whiteboard show us how to prepare any ganache using various techniques and improve the precision, speed, safety, texture and stability of your ganaches. You can even choose which method speaks to you the most!

This class will give you all kinds of mousse variations with all kinds of components based on aeration, emulsion and gelation, including a special type of mousse made without whipping cream! Ksenia uses a "hot" ganache technique to create this mousse, explaining every step of the way—you'll have no more space in your notepad to capture all the valuable information in this class.

This lesson means value. It means knowledge, but most importantly, it's an emotion! Learn the different types of chocolates and how to "read" professional chocolate packaging. Discover fluidity, percentages and flavor intensity so you can understand how to select chocolate depending on a specific recipe. And, of course, discover the only chocolate that works for glazing effects.

Learn to make a vegan glaze for glazing cakes and Spider Web glazing effects. Discuss different types of neutral glazes based on gelatin and pectin. Ksenia explains why this glaze works differently compared to Mirror Glaze and how to understand when it's ready for glazing.

Avoid dropping your cake upside down! Students in Ksenia's hands-on classes flipped tens of glazed cakes; we wouldn't want that to happen with our beautiful creations, would we? Follow the step-by-step slow-motion lecture, from picking up the cake from the stand to holding it safely, using spatulas, and placing it safely on the cake board. Simple? Not really, but we're here to learn, aren't we? Jump tips for selecting the correct cake boards.

This lesson became a hit right when Ksenia, PastryClass founder, decided to talk about her branding process and the creation of the PastryClass name, which initially was a whole different brand. But remember, this lesson is about food colors, and there's so much to learn: color types, composition, brands, and specifications. Her worldwide brand of best-selling food colors is the star of the lesson.

Enjoy this class on the famous Mirror Glaze by Ksenia Penkina, and learn about the recipe and how each component will affect your glazing process. Create different glaze variations and discover tips and tricks on portioning and coloring the glaze. Learn to add food coloring, adjust your blender, and the ultimate secret to making your colors pop.

"From that kind of disaster, you can always grow." Failure was where it all began for Ksenia. Discover failures in making cakes, selling cakes from home, applying analytical skills and how you can establish yourself in the world of pastry at any stage of your career, from beginner to professional. In this lesson, Ksenia is breaking misconceptions about working with many recipes; she had only one cake recipe in the first 6 months of her career and has already achieved a boost of orders, followers, success and recognition. Set your goal to knowledge, theory and textures, and forget about the recipes, just like Ksenia did.

"When I started working with mirror glaze, glazing effects didn't exist." Learn the creation process for every glazing effect and understand what can and can't be determined as a new effect. Get motivated, use these analytical steps in your creations, and discover the secrets and techniques to create just about every glazing effect: Tornado, Splash, Turn, Swirl, Stipes, Half-Half, Spider, Drop, Loop... and chat about the unpublished glazing effect that the world hasn't seen yet.

That's it. We will never be the same again. Unforgettable, incredible, deep, and so detailed–both Ksenia and her signature theory. This lesson is indescribable, so we won't even try; those who know know. Just watch, learn, do it and become great.

Ready to blend the best glaze of your pastry life without a single bubble in it? Ksenia is, and she is taking you on a journey with her. This lesson will teach you how to create a mirror-like glaze with no bubbles and so smooth you can see your own reflection! Chat about glaze storage and stabilization, misleading steps and misconceptions, temperatures and glaze textures, warming up the glaze, giving it a first blend, and how to deal with possible mistakes.

After 3 lessons in Glazing Theory, it's about time to experience glazing effects from the creator, the inventor, Ksenia Penkina–the Glazing Queen herself. Ksenia shares her newly discovered approach to glazing that is totally worry-free! Learn her signature approach to color selection, glazing steps, and more in this lesson.

Learn to determine where your cake or glaze errors come from—the list is long, and we want to solve every problem. The problem could be a transparent glaze, breaking, losing shine, bubbles, water drops, glaze lumps, mixing of colors, water puddles, cake deformation and so on. Lesson watched, problems solved.

Ksenia never stops impressing, and we always want to learn more from her. And this lesson opens the door to her concealed archives, the knowledge of mystic Narnia of pastry.

We're shocked, overwhelmed, amazed, motivated and inspired by this class. But there's more! Ksenia will gift her book to every student who takes this class. She also tells how she created her 4 books, with both a publisher and self-published, including Theory Guide "Great Glaze Doesn't Start With Glaze"—her theory book about her signature approach to glazing and how it became a worldwide bestseller.

A must-watch for those looking for some motivation.

Get bonus access to concealed archives of Beginner Classes from Ksenia's private collection and a unique opportunity to create a White Strawberry Mousse Cake, Mirror Glaze and Chocolate Velvet (no baking experience required). You will learn mousse cake essentials, proper textures, temperatures, product integration, basic ingredients and the right tools. This lesson is informative but straightforward, so anyone can create magic in their home kitchen.

Continue learning from Ksenia's private collection of concealed archives of Beginner Classes. This second beginner class presents a combination of new recipes, techniques & knowledge that will bring you to the next level of pastry. Ksenia teaches Raspberry Red Velvet Mousse Cake, Spider Web Glazing Effect and Chocolate Cherry Mini Cakes. This lesson, "Advanced 1," is a continuation of the previous lesson, "Entry Level," so make sure to watch them in order.

The final lesson from Ksenia's private collection of concealed archives of Beginner Classes is an introduction to incredible mousse cake recipes on the next level. Presenting new ingredients, combined layers, European premium biscuits, crisps and delicate mousses. Ksenia teaches Redcurrant Chocolate and Strawberry Lemonade Mousse Cakes and concealed solutions to safe Two-Tier Mousse Cake creation and fixation. This lesson, "Advanced 2," is a continuation of the previous lessons, "Entry Level" and "Advanced 1", so make sure to watch them in that order.

Get bonus access to concealed archives of the Revolutionary Master Course from Ksenia's private collection.

Get bonus access to concealed archives of the Revolutionary Master Course from Ksenia’s private collection. Insert Recipes: Passion Fruit and Mango Coulis, Raspberry Coulis, Blueberry Compote, Orange Marmalade, Strawberry Insert, Kiwi Jelly.

This bonus lesson includes extensive theory and techniques.

Get bonus access to concealed archives of the Revolutionary Master Course from Ksenia’s private collection. Sponge Recipes: Pistachio Dacquoise, Hazelnut Dacquoise, Coconut Sponge, Almond Dacquoise, Joconde Sponge, Brownie.

This bonus lesson includes extensive theory and techniques.

Get bonus access to concealed archives of the Revolutionary Master Course from Ksenia’s private collection. Creamy Recipes: Orange Cremeux, Sour Calamansi Cream, Blueberry Cremeux, Soft Cream, Coffee Namelaka.

This bonus lesson includes extensive theory and techniques.

Get bonus access to concealed archives of the Revolutionary Master Course from Ksenia’s private collection. Lesson Recipes: Sanded Macadamia, Salted Dry Caramel, Coffee Paste, Almond Crumble, Pistachio Crisp with Raspberry, Coconut Crunch, Cocoa Nib Crunch, Kiwi Decoration Confit.

This bonus lesson includes extensive theory and techniques.

Get bonus access to concealed archives of the Revolutionary Master Course from Ksenia’s private collection. Glaze Recipes: Mirror Glaze, Neutral Glaze, Cocoa Glaze/Dark Chocolate Glaze.

This bonus lesson includes extensive theory and techniques.

Get bonus access to concealed archives of the Revolutionary Master Course from Ksenia’s private collection. Mousse Recipes: Coconut Mousse, Mousse Salted Caramel, Hazelnut Mousse, Cream Cheese Mousse, Pistachio Mousse with Matcha, Almond Coffee Mousse, Mango Mousse.

This bonus lesson includes extensive theory and techniques.

Get bonus access to concealed archives of the Revolutionary Master Course from Ksenia’s private collection. Learn Clear Glaze for "Exotic Passion" cake, Clear Glaze for "Kiwi Mango" cake, "DROP" glazing effect for "Orange Hazelnut" cake, "SWIRL" glazing effect for "Macadamia Salted Caramel" cake, Cocoa Glaze for "Almond Cocoa Mocha" cake, "SPIDER WEB" glazing effect for "Pistachio Calamansi" cake, "SPLASH" glazing effect for "Blueberry Cheesecake", "STRIPES" glazing effect for donut shape "Almond Cocoa Mocha" cake.

This bonus lesson includes extensive theory and techniques.

Get bonus access to concealed archives of the Revolutionary Master Course from Ksenia’s private collection. Finalizing Cakes: “Kiwi Mango”, “Exotic Passion”, “Orange Hazelnut”, “Almond Cocoa Mocha”, “Macadamia Salted Caramel”, “Pistachio Calamansi”, “Blueberry Cheesecake”.

Final words and summing up all the important techniques that can be now used in cooking any mousse cake/entremet recipe in the future to achieve most perfect results.