Christophe Adam Teaches Eclairs

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Skills that take you to a whole other level.

Challenge yourself to make the best eclair ever with genius creator Christophe Adam, who leads the global empire of eclair boutiques L’Eclair De Genie.

SALTED BUTTER CARAMEL ECLAIR: Caramel Cream, Caramel Glaze.

VANILLA PECAN NUT ECLAIR: Madagascar Vanilla Cream, Vanilla Glaze, Coated Pecan Nuts

PASSION FRUIT RASPBERRY ECLAIR: Passion Fruit Cream, Raspberry Confit, Passion Fruit Marzipan, Passion Fruit Seeds, Gold Glitter Coating

HAZELNUT PRALINE ECLAIR: Hazelnut Praline Cream, Caramelized Hazelnuts

LEMON YUZU MERINGUE ECLAIR: Lemon Yuzu Cream, Lemon Glaze (Yellow Glaze), Italian Meringue

SAINT HONORE ECLAIR: Madagascar Vanilla Cream, Mascarpone Whipped Cream, Caramel Glaze

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE ECLAIR WITH DARK CHOCOLATE FROM MEXICO: Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Glaze

PISTACHIO RASPBERRY ECLAIR: Pistachio Ganache, Raspberry Confit



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Leading the global eclair empire, L'Eclair De Genie, in over 15 boutiques worldwide and growing, Christophe Adam's career started at Fauchon and was transformed when he created his first eclair in 2002. 20 years later, he's still making eclairs. In this lesson, he'll describe what he is about to teach.

"This is the most important recipe of my life." Christophe takes you through the cooking process and explains what makes a perfect eclair, the DNA of his brand, the Pate a Choux.

This global bestseller and deceivingly simple French classic, the Salted Butter Caramel Eclair, is the first eclair you'll learn about in this class. Christophe demonstrates how to make his iconic caramel—that hasn't changed since he first made it over 30 years ago.

Christophe explains what creates the elasticity in caramel that brings out the shine and silkiness in the glaze that we're all always tempted to try.

Christophe shares the significance of caramel and how easily accessible the ingredients are worldwide. Salted Butter Caramel Eclair is about Breton caramel cream, popping candies that take you back to your childhood, and shiny decor to round out the unique experience.

Christophe shows you the classic pastry cream and its vanilla variations. He also describes the texture of all the creams he makes and explains how you can achieve that silky finish and light touch we all strive for.

The bestselling Vanilla Pecan Nut Eclair comes hand in hand with a glaze with a story. Learn to create an elegant finish and texture that makes you say, "Wow!". Christophe said it, we saw it, and this glaze is stunning!

Christophe demonstrates this confectionary technique of making sanded nuts by hand. He explains the importance of matching the eclair decorations with the flavor of those eclairs and the purity of presentation.

Christophe demonstrates how to fill the eclairs by hand and explains how he completes this mouthwatering process in his laboratory in France. He then explains the importance of having the right amount of cream in your eclairs. Vanilla Pecan Nut Eclair is all about the softest vanilla cream, silky glaze, and crunchy pecan decoration. Now we understand why this is a bestseller in every country!

Christophe shows how to make the most exotic cream of this class, uniquely created for the Passion Fruit Raspberry Eclair. He explains how it represents the balance between the creme patisserie and creme anglaise.

This confit is a perfect example of how to create an explosion of nature in your mouth. Christophe explains the importance of making fruity inserts and keeping them fresh.

Christophe explains the importance of his style and the simplicity of recipes in production, but creating a unique experience for your customers is not that simple. This simple marzipan recipe shows how to transform the usual fondant into something new for your taste buds.

Christophe talks about the bestselling eclair, available year-round in L’Eclair De Genie. It’s fully fruity, slightly sour, and light in sugar. Its simplicity will change your perception of what a classic should be.

Christophe explains why he cooks cream like no other chef and what a difference it makes to his work.

Christophe teaches us that the time you dedicate to your pastry makes a difference, so you should treat your nut decorations like a treasure and give them valuable time to cook.

Go wild for the Hazelnut Praline Eclair! Dig into the softest hazelnut praline cream with a treasure of hazelnuts on top. In this lesson, discover different finishing methods and decorating your choux pastry.

This lesson will teach you an essential recipe for Christophe Adam and L'Eclair De Genie. Christophe breaks the process down step by step and shows you how to create a lemon cream that's "not just" a lemon cream; it's a lemon cream with a twist.

Christophe describes how to make glaze recipes for small portions and large production. Discuss the philosophy of decorating your eclairs in the most natural way.

This recipe is in the DNA of L'Eclair De Genie, transforming the traditional lemon tart into an eclair. It's French. It's a classic. It has a twist of flavor. It's Christophe Adam. 

It became a revolution in pastry 15 years ago, and still, no eclair shop doesn't stock Lemon Yuzu Meringue Eclairs, a sour lemon with the character of yuzu, a yellow glaze that tells a story of a lemon decorated with a burned meringue that brings traditional root to your creation.

Saint Honore Eclair is the star of the show! You may think it's just a Whipped Cream recipe, and yes, it is, but when Christophe, the eclair genius, makes it, we see how simple things can become so tempting and elegant!

Christophe tells us the origins of Saint Honore and how this eclair was transformed into a celebration, thanks to this mirror caramel technique over the mini choux that became a holiday bestseller.

Saint Honore Eclair is made for celebrations and looks like a real treasure. Mascarpone Whipped Cream with a cloud-like texture sits over a delicate Choux Pastry decorated with shiny choux and a touch of gold. When we see gold, we want to celebrate Christophe and his existence.

Learn to make shiny and smooth creams by the hands of Christophe Adam, and understand why you choose specific chocolates for your eclairs. Christophe did countless tests and research until he updated his chocolate eclair recipe with a new type of cacao beans. It’s for customers who both love and don’t love dark chocolate’s bitterness, and research proves it to be a perfect new eclair for those who are obsessed and those in between. You can’t go wrong with it!

Learn to make cream infusions and elevate chocolate flavors. This is a second texture for a Double Chocolate Eclair and it makes a difference.

In this lesson, you'll learn to create a popping shine with cocoa products, a shine that speaks to your customer even before they enter your pastry shop. What is it? It's Chocolate Mirror Glaze! But Christophe has transformed it into the eclair version to sweep you and your customers off your feet. 

The best chocolate eclair in the world, according to Christophe. And we can confirm! Sink into learning the concept and the research to find irresistible chocolate for this eclair. Double Chocolate Eclair has two chocolate textures made of soft ganache and silky cream, topped with spotless mirror glaze and decorated with a crunch of cocoa nibs, with a truffle flavor touch. It's chocolate bursting in your mouth, whether you want it or not, you'll love it!

"If I don't have pistachio cream inside my eclair, everyone just kills me." And we thank Christophe for teaching us how to make this tempting Pistachio Strawberry Eclair. It's not only trendy but also freaking tasty, thanks to the pistachio ganache! You'll also learn about pistachios and how Christophe selects his ingredients.

Pistachio Strawberry Eclair was the first creation at L'Eclair De Genie. It's now a classic eclair you'll find in every boutique worldwide, all year round. It's a trendy flavor: light and airy pistachio ganache, bright and fruity raspberry confit, soft and delicate choux, and a touch of strawberry and nuts. You're crazy if you didn't put this one first on your list.