Ksenia Penkina Teaches Glazing

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INSTRUCTOR: Ksenia Penkina (PastryClass founder)

THEME: Glazing arts, recipes, textures and theory

CLASS INFO: With a legacy of educating glazing arts to 40,000+ pastry students around the world, now ready to empower you.

Learn from the Glazing Queen herself, covering extensive theory, glaze recipes, the art of creating visual effects, behind-the-scenes insights into PastryClass, and the significant cakes that transformed her career forever.

Explore recipes, techniques, the science of glazing, theoretical foundations, a molecular approach, her life journey, motivations, and moments of realization.

CLASS RECIPES: The class includes cake recipes that have never been taught before and a large variety of glazing effects. Additionally, you'll gain access to the complete Revolutionary Master Course and Beginner Classes from Ksenia’s private collection and concealed archives, covering hundreds of recipes and hours of teaching material.


CLASS ACCESS: December’23 or January’24

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PastryClass is an immersive online experience that gives everyone an opportunity to learn from the world’s best pastry instructors.

Each PastryClass includes:

- An average of 25 pre-recorded video lessons that are roughly 10-15 minutes long for an easy and efficient learning process.

- A PDF workbook from your instructor featuring class recipes with step-by-step instructions, a list of tools with pictures and specifications, and additional bonus recipes/materials that have been generously gifted by every instructor to boost your study process.

- Support and feedback via access to PastryConnect - a place for you to ask questions related to your study process, share your results, and make pastry friends! This unique PastryClass structure allows students to move through the lessons at their own pace and comfort.


Our pastry classes are designed for all pastry skill levels, whether you’re an experienced home baker, pastry blogger, influencer, pastry chef, instructor, or a creative professional, you can explore the knowledge and joy of pastry on our platform.

We’re incredibly lucky to feature some of the top professional chefs making waves in the pastry industry, our classes are full of complex information and techniques, which is a great way to challenge yourself and gain new skills to achieve outstanding results.


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